$1 per month Upstate Nevada Signature Program

Our goal is to create a healthy community for those who need it most, and we know that if we encourage enough members of our community to donate a single dollar on a monthly basis – we could provide free gym memberships to an Everyday Hero who needs a safe and supportive place to get healthy.

Want to Give More Than $1?

Here Are Some Other Options We Suggest

Monthly Membership, 1 Person

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$60 is enough to purchase a monthly full-access gym membership for someone who needs it. Thank you for doing good by someone else in your community.

One Year’s Membership

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$720. Billed Once. 

Purchase a membership for one person for one whole year. Beginning the day you make your payment. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


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One Time Donation.

Have $20? Want to donate it? Every little bit helps. A one-time donation, 501c3 tax deductible. Thank you.


reno crossfit upstate nevada

One-Time Donation. 

$100 can do a lot of things. 200 tacos at Jack in the Box, 500 chicken nuggets at Wendy’s, or make another human’s dream of health and community come true. A one-time donation, 501c3 tax deductible. Thank you.


Upstate Nevada CrossFit Gym Reno

One Time Donation.

$350. For those who want to truly invest into other humans in their community. A one-time donation, 501c3 tax deductible. Thank you.

Name Your Own Price

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Input at Checkout

Have another dollar amount in mind? By clicking the button below, you’ll be taken to a page where you are able to input any dollar amount you’d like to contribute. Thank you for helping us keep our lights on and provide memberships to those within our community who need a place to go and get healthy. A one-time donation, 501c3 tax deductible. Thank you.

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