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About Upstate Nevada

Upstate Nevada is a community first.  We are a fully functioning CrossFit gym that provides reduced price or free gym memberships to a demographic of people we define as Everyday Heroes.

Our Everyday Heroes program serves, all military (active or retired), all first responders (Police, Fire and EMS), teachers, nurses, adults with physical or cognitive impairments and their families, and children with physical or cognitive impairments and their families.  We also offer memberships for non-everyday hero applicants who want their monthly gym membership fees to help cover and sustain our free Everyday Hero programs for adults or children with any type of impairment.

Programs we offer:

  • Group fitness classes for all abilities, impairments and/or ages.
  • Mental Health awareness programs and community talks.
  • Healthy Lifestyle and nutrition educational programs.

Why an Everyday Hero Program?

We are using Community based physical fitness as a way for all of our members to offset the negative in their daily lives.

Our Everyday Hero professions see some of the most negative parts of life and then they go home to their families/friends with the expectation that they can try their best to find balance between the two extremes.

We are ONE COMMUNITY that has a goal of helping each other by using a positive environment to help combat the negative.

Our Coaches

Alvie Hafen

Head Coach

His passion is coaching. He loves helping people become healthier more confident versions of themselves. He has been coaching for 10  years in the Reno area. He started at the University of Nevada Reno in 2009 and has worked at several different CrossFit gyms since that time. Now however, he has found his home here at Upstate Nevada. The community and the positive vibes this gym brings in are truly amazing! Come on in, we are waiting for you!

Degree: Bachelors in Biology, University of Nevada Reno

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1 Cert, CrossFit Level 2 Cert, CrossFit Adaptive Cert

Shandise Leary

Head Coach

Shandise has been coaching 6 years now and every year she continues to grow and learn. She has coached alongside some of the best coaches out there, starting in Seattle, and now here in Reno. Her love for CrossFit isn’t just the sport, it’s the people. The clients. The community. The day in and day out of living gym life together. Her passion comes from being part of the journey with those who choose to walk through the door. Helping people break through barriers. Encouraging them not to give up. Showing them what they are capable of, however that may look.

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Level 2, CrossFit Adaptive Training Cert

Greig Jameson

Head Coach

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Adaptive Training, CrossFit Kids

Cody Kiser


Cody Z Kiser is a Carson City native and a University of Nevada, Reno graduate with a degree in Civil Engineering. He now spends most of the year on the road living out his childhood dream as a professional rodeo cowboy. A successful rodeo career has opened many doors with opportunities like becoming a SAG-AFTRA stuntman and other various jobs in the “Hollywood” world. Cody has also been an L-1 certified coach for the last 6 years with plans on upgrading that to an L-2 cert this fall. One of his biggest passions in life is coaching and helping others achieve their goals in and out of the gym. If he could spend all his time in the gym with his friends and family, he would.

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1


Greig Jameson

Founder, President

Greig was born and raised in the Northern Nevada area, or you might say, the Upstate Nevada area.  Through his life experience he has come to love physical fitness and all the positive attributes that come along with it.  Greig once lived your typical unhealthy lifestyle, he then decided to walk into a CrossFit gym and asked for help.  Through his life lessons he has developed this passion for hearing people’s stories, learning what life have changed people and figuring out how he can try to help people become better versions of themselves.  The idea for Upstate Nevada came to him after years of searching for a way to give back to the community that he loves.

Upstate Nevada is a dream come true for Greig and he thanks each one of his team members, gym members, and donors alike because he understands that even though he had an idea, it takes the community to keep his dream running.

Sarah Hughes

Secretary, Board Member

Born and raised in Reno, NV Sarah loves getting outside and enjoying Reno’s 300 days of sunshine a year. She has always been active and played sports all her life. She earned a Bachelor’s and Masters Degree in Counseling & Educational Psychology. Mindfulness and teaching Pilates are a huge part of what drives her.  She also helps put people in their dream home as Residential Realtor at Dickson Realty. Helping people fulfill dreams and goals is in her nature. Sarah believes strongly in this community at Upstate Nevada. She sees the importance of connecting with other human beings through sharing our stories and maintaining physical health in order to maintain and enhance mental health. Sarah helps with our fundraising committee and community outreach.

Kevin C Jensen

Treasurer, Board Member

Kevin is a California transplant whose infatuation with Northern Nevada began while attending the University of Nevada, Reno. It was here he met the woman of his dreams in a math class he didn’t even need to take (but finished anyway to sneakily spend more time with her). His passion for this project and appreciation for Everyday Heroes stems both personally and professionally. His wife Natalie has been a 1st grade teacher in WCSD for the past 8 years. Kevin has seen firsthand the sacrifice and dedication that she pours into her classroom every single day. Professionally, Kevin is a Physician Assistant (PA-C) with Renown Health in the Urgent Care system. He works closely with several branches of our Everyday Heroes and knows the positive impact they provide our community. Kevin hopes his small contribution to Upstate Nevada shows all Everyday Heroes how appreciated, loved, and recognized they are! Kevin helps with our fundraising committee and community outreach.


Kirk Nordmeyer

Board Member

Kirk Nordmeyer is a 5th generation Nevadan born in Reno. He graduated in 2004 from Wooster high school. He grew up playing sports and played baseball in college. He’s a former gym owner and has been doing CrossFit since 2011. He has his CF level one, mobility Cert and CF weightlifting’s cert. He’s a 2x coach at the USAW national weightlifting level. He loves to coach and help people get better. He’s happy to be a part of a great community that is trying to make the world a better place!

Tom Jameson

Board Member

Tom has been rooted in the Reno community since attending and playing baseball at Reno High School.  He went on to further his education and baseball career by attending the University of Nevada Reno, where he was a freshman All-American, starting pitcher all 4 years, and graduated with a Criminal Justice Degree with a minor in Substance Abuse and Alcohol Prevention. He continued his baseball career and spent 3 and a half years traveling across the United States playing professional baseball with the Arizona Diamondback organization. He is a first responder with the Reno Police Department and takes pride in helping others. He has been involved with CrossFit since 2009 and understands the benefits living a healthy lifestyle can have both mentally and physically. He is fortunate to be part of the Upstate Nevada Community and always strives to make a positive impact on other people’s lives. His passion is to provide a positive community in order to help everyone get through this game called “Life”.

Julian Castro

Board Member

Reigning from parts unknown (Henderson Nevada) weighing in at approximately 184 pounds of pure tackling fuel and walking around at 5’11 and 3/4 in of vertically sound awesomeness.  Julian Castro is a graduate of northern Nevada’s esteemed University of Nevada, Reno and a local police officer. Julian has become a connoisseur of the finer things in life such as WWE, Hawaiian shirts, rotary jackets, and fanny packs. Community has been a vital part of Julian’s life and he continues to strive to make his community greener than he found it.

Bo Cassel

Board Member

Bo Cassel is a Senior Account Executive for Hometown Health. Working for the only local not for profit health insurance provider in Northern Nevada, Bo has the opportunity to partner with local businesses and other nonprofits to serve the community. Since he moved to the Reno area in 2011, Bo has been dedicated to the community, serving on multiple boards in Reno and volunteering his time to the causes he cares about. Bo graduated from Stony Brook University in Long Island, New York, where he was a student-athlete, playing tight end for the Seawolves football team. Bo helps with our fundraising committee and community outreach.

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1

Every Day is an Opportunity

Upstate Nevada CrossFit Gym Reno

We Live To Help

Every single member of the Upstate Nevada Collective and training team are united by the core tenants of service. We believe that physical fitness is the key to individual happiness and fulfillment, and are all brought together by the desire to help uplift those in our communities who want to improve themselves in the same way. We believe in effort, and know that with our knowledge and expertise that we can help those who want to grow along with us.

  • We’re non-profit because we are one community helping to create change.
  • This means that any profits we do make, we invest right back into our programs for the community.
  • Because you’re worth it. Yes. You.
Community Fitness (Group Classes)
Diet and Nutrition
Regiment and Consistency
Motivational and Educated Coaches
Inclusive and Adaptive Programs

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