Our Mission and Values 

  • The Upstate Nevada board and staff run a community first, gym second.
  • Fully functioning gym for all ages and abilities.
  • Inclusive and adaptive programs for any type of physical or mental impairments.
  • Everyday Heroes program to create a positive community to help combat the negative parts of their Everyday Hero professions.
  • Everyday Heroes program to surround adults and children with physical or cognitive impairments with positive role models from the community.
  • We strive to work hard and never stop educating ourselves with the goal of providing the best services and coaching available to our members.
  • Our members come first.  We provide community based physical fitness as our median to try and create positive mental, emotional and social growth for our members.”

Community Creating Change

Community based fitness for all!  We’ve developed the facility and programming to provide an all inclusive, adaptive fitness program.  We strive to provide the best experience, tight knit community, and education to help you reach your goals of living a healthy lifestyle.

We’ll Contact You 

Conveniently located near the Reno-Tahoe International Airport, Upstate Nevada is the first nonprofit facility for community fitness and is motivated by the philosophy that “nobody should be denied a healthy lifestyle due to physical, cognitive or financial impairments.”

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“Free gym memberships to our Everyday Heroes”

Our Everyday Heroes program offers free or reduced price memberships for the following:

-All Military (Active or Retired)

-First Responders (Police, Fire and Emergency Services)



-Adults with physical or cognitive impairments and their families

-Children with physical or cognitive impairments and their families

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Upstate Nevada CrossFit Gym Reno

What makes Upstate Nevada different?

Upstate Nevada has created a collective group of people whose focus is changing lives and creating a sense of community. We have decided to take the profits out of the typical Functional Fitness gym and turn those monthly memberships that so many people are currently paying into something positive for themselves and their community. Each one of our members will know their money is going to creating new programs for our community, providing new equipment and providing the best coaching possible for our members. 

We’re For Everybody

Fully functioning gym for everyone and all ages.

On-Ramp program to help anyone new to fitness.

Kids/Teen programs for members under the age of 18.

Specialized Inclusive and Adaptive programs.

The only requirement is a good attitude

Upstate Nevada CrossFit Gym Reno

And We Mean Everybody

Our motto is that a healthy lifestyle should be available to anyone!  If we can’t provide health and fitness to one of our members we will learn how or we will provide them with the information and direction needed to find help.  We are committed to helping our community to become the best version of itself, and we feel that starts by becoming a member of our community. No potential member will every be turned away because of an impairment or for financial reasons.  All are welcome and all are wanted. You will never feel judged or unwanted within these walls. If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, we want to help you do it.

Interested in this type of healthy lifestyle?

Want to be a part of our community?

We pride ourselves in providing the best coaching whether you are a beginner or a seasoned athlete alike.
All of our workouts are scaleable or adaptable for any level.
Let us know you’re interested and we’ll reach out to you directly.

Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Flexible membership packages to suit all levels of training.

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“Upstate Nevada holds its members as its highest value. We will not judge our success by a monetary value; furthermore, our success will be determined by how we treat our members and breed the community atmosphere. Our goal is to create a sense of community through living a healthy lifestyle.”

-Greig Jameson, Founder

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